Annoor Prayer Times
October 27, 2021

Community Assistance & Outreach

During these difficult times many members of our community have found themselves in some very challenging and trying times.  Unable to make ends meet, pay their bills, pay their rent or even put food on the table your brothers and sisters need your assistance.  Brothers and sisters we are asking you to please put food on someone’s table or help keep a roof over a child’s head.
Please give generously.

Friday Prayers



Imam Hussen Alfakih


***Now : 2 Prayers at AIC


Masjid Annoor (Capacity 61)
3032 - 106 St.
Azan - 1:19

Annoor Islamic Centre (Capacity 134)
332 Saddleback Road
Azan - 1:19 & 2:15

First Come, First Serve.