Annoor Prayer Times
March 30, 2020

Jumu’a Prayers  and Iqamah Times Suspended Until Further Advised

2020 Prayer Times Calendar


During these difficult times many members of our community have found themselves in some very challenging and trying times.  Unable to make ends meet, pay their bills, pay their rent or even put food on the table your brothers and sisters need your assistance.  Brothers and sisters we are asking you to please put food on someone’s table or help keep a roof over a child’s head.

Please give generously.

All Proceeds will be used solely for assisting community members in need.

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Jumu’a Prayers Change

Jumu’a Prayers Change

Masjid Annoor and Annoor Islamic Centre are suspending Jumu’a prayers effective immediately and until further notice.



Congratulations to our newest Shura members: Mohamed Elhamoui, Imad HajIbrahim, Lubna Sami.

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